Fire Alarm Systems for Your Peace of Mind

Fire alarms play an invaluable role in saving lives and protecting property. At Mid-South Safety Services, we’ll install and maintain your fire alarm systems so you can be confident that your business is protected.

Our certified and skilled technicians are able to install and work on most major brands, and they’ll always do what is best for you. We’re committed to serving you with integrity.

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Fire Alarm Installation

Fire Alarm Maintenance

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Get Protection with Our Fire Alarm Services

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Fire Alarm Installation

  • As a distributor of most major brands we’re able to find a system that works for you.
  • Our skilled and trained technicians are certified to install most of the major fire alarm brands.
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Fire Alarm Maintenance

  • Our certified technicians are able to work on most major brands.
  • We have quick access to parts and supplies so we can get your fire alarm system up and running quickly.
  • We’ll be honest with you about the condition of your fire alarm, and provide the most effective and efficient way to get it working within the fire code.
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Fire Alarm Monitoring

  • We’ll provide continuous monitoring of fire alarms in a building, facility, or property to ensure that they are functioning properly and detect any potential fire hazards or emergencies.
  • Our equipment, which includes sensors, detectors, and communication devices, is connected to a central monitoring station that can quickly dispatch emergency services in case of a fire alarm activation.
  • Fire alarm monitoring is critical for the safety and protection of people and assets within a building and can help to minimize property damage and potential loss of life in the event of a fire emergency.

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Did You Know

A fire alarm system can save you money.

Most insurance companies will discount your insurance for having a monitored smoke and fire alarm service. A monitored fire alarm system will provide your business with an almost immediate response when an emergency is detected, even when no one is there. A quick response can often help you avoid a total loss.

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We Serve

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Helping Clients Stay Safe and Compliant

“Mid-South Safety Services is a company I would rely on for any issue. They are reliable and professional about the task at hand. Thank you for assisting us with our compliance issues. I will be contacting MSSS again in the future.”

Tyrone Downing

“Mid-South Saftey Services has provided annual testing and maintenance of our emergency lighting systems at our North MS Facilities for several years. They are always very friendly, responsive, and quick to respond when we need them. With all we have on our plate it’s good to know our emergency lighting systems are promptly and effectively taken care of.”

Stanley Sanders

“Mid-South Emergency Lighting is a well-run company with Tyler at the helm. He has completely turned the business around in a positive direction since he purchased it and they have become a needed asset for real estate owners and managers in our market.”

Tony Gattas
JLL, Inc.

“I would like to express our sincere appreciation for the great service that Mid-South Safety Services has provided us over the years. We congratulate you on your success and wish you and your team all the best.”

Doug Durden
Mallory Alexander

Wondering what a new fire alarm installation will cost?

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Our One-Stop Shop Makes Compliance Easier

With our comprehensive fire safety services, you’re able to simplify the management of your fire safety compliance. We’ll proactively install, inspect, and service your fire safety equipment on a schedule that works for you.

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Emergency Lighting

We inspect and service emergency lights, ensuring occupants can evacuate safely in a power outage.

Fire Extinguishers

We install, inspect, and service fire extinguishers so you stay compliant and prepared for your next fire inspection.

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Did You Know

Fire alarm systems can provide both visual and audible alarms.

Most fire alarm systems include both an audible alarm as well as strobe lights. This lighted visual cue will ensure that a person who is hearing impaired or wearing noise canceling headphones will be alerted and able to evacuate safely.

If you’re interested in a fire alarm system that provides both types of alerts, contact us today. We can provide options that will keep everyone safe.

3 Simple Steps to Greater Fire Safety & Compliance


Get a free estimate.

Contact us and we’ll provide you with a free estimate for a fire alarm installation or fire alarm maintenance.


We inspect and repair.

Our trained professionals can install and maintain your fire alarm systems.


Stay safe & compliant.

Rest easy knowing your people will stay safe in an emergency and your property will be protected.

Get Answers to Your Fire Alarm Questions.

How do fire alarms work?

Fire alarms work by detecting the presence of smoke, heat, or flames, and then activating an audible and/or visual alert to notify building occupants of a potential fire. The exact workings of fire alarms can vary depending on the type and complexity of the system.

How often should fire alarms be tested?

Fire alarms should be tested regularly to ensure their proper functioning. The frequency of testing can vary based on local regulations, building codes, and the specific type of fire alarm system installed. Here are some general guidelines for fire alarm testing:

Weekly Testing

It is common to perform a brief weekly test of the fire alarm system. This typically involves activating a manual call point or using a test button to simulate an alarm condition and verify that the alarm signal is transmitted to the control panel. The weekly test is usually a quick check to ensure basic functionality.

Monthly Testing

Monthly testing involves a more comprehensive evaluation of the fire alarm system. This includes testing individual components, such as smoke detectors, heat detectors, and audible/visual devices. The aim is to ensure that each component is operating correctly and producing the intended alarm signals. Monthly testing may also involve checking the battery backup system and verifying the communication with the central control panel.

Annual Testing

An annual test is a more thorough examination of the entire fire alarm system. It should be performed by a qualified technician or a professional fire alarm service company. The annual test includes functional testing of all components, verification of system performance against the manufacturer’s specifications, and inspection of wiring, connections, and control panel settings. It may also involve testing the alarm signals received by the monitoring station (if applicable) and conducting a sensitivity test on smoke detectors.

We Care About Keeping Mid-South Businesses Safe

At Mid-South Safety Services, we believe you should have full confidence that your fire alarm systems will work in an emergency. We have been providing fire & life safety services since 1976 and serve the greater Mid-South area.

As a locally owned business, we care about our community and are committed to providing high-quality services with integrity that include emergency lighting, fire extinguishers, and fire alarm systems. Many of our employees are first responders who bring first-hand emergency response expertise and unparalleled professionalism to every job.


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